Sign-up and Log-In

You can sign-up free to use all the features of the site and be advised of major tours and releases. See the Facebook community features messaging, fan rooms and teams to join. You can also receive points then trade them for awards like t-shirts and phone calls from the band.  
To sign-up free you need a facebook account. Sign-into facebook and then click on SIGN-UP. Anytime you are in facebook you will already be signed in if you visit thevamps.net – or you can manually log-in.

Follow other members

You can follow as many other members as you like – just click FOLLOW on their profile.    It does not need to be accepted.

In your Vampsbook, you will have the option of seeing posts from everyone, or just people you are following or just the band.

You will be able to track who is following you and who you are following in your member profile – just go to the left side of your community home page.


Post ‘what’s happening’  in the box under ‘Vampsbook’ and your post will appear throughout the community.   You can also add comments to other people’s posts.
You can vary what you see on your own Vampsbook column by clicking . . .   .
ALL POSTS  -     All posts and comments will appear in your All Activity column.
FOLLOWING     Only posts by members you are following
BAND                 Only posts by members of the band.


You can send private messages to anyone unless they have blocked you.   Go to their profile  and click on SEND MESSAGE ….. or reply to an incoming message in your message box.     You can also click on SEND MESSAGE or FOLLOW by finding someone in the Members List.

When you receive messages . . .

-    You can delete them
-    You can reply to them
-    You can click BLOCK to prevent that person from messaging you again
-    You can also click to report ABUSE.

You can also send messages to individual members of the Vamps.   The band will always be browsing and answering messages when they can - but remember they may be receiving very high numbers of messages.

If MESSAGES on the community menu is RED it means you have incoming messages to check!

Points and Awards

You can receive points by helping the Vamps.

There are no set missions or assignments.    We will suggest ideas under HOW TO HELP on the community page but you can help in any way you like and that is fun.

You can submit a monthly report about what you are doing and will receive 10 points but only once a month.    The band will see your reports and may occasionally award bonus points.    If you belong to teams and the leader submits a monthly report, every team member will receive 3 points – as well as any bonus points.

You can redeem points for awards such as free band t-shirts (just pay pick and pack), phone calls from the band, tickets and meet n greets- and shop discounts.


Click on a room and you can read posts and add your own post.

You can also upload a photo to that room.    As new photos are added over room capacity, older photos will be deleted.

Posts to a room also feed into the general community chatter.

Member Lists

You can see a members profile by clicking on them wherever you see them name – in the member list, Activity Feed, teams, etc.

To search for a member, go to Member Lists.      Names are the same as in Facebook.   Search for people you know by name.   You can also search by location – and sort the search by alphabetical, points or number of followers.


Teams are a way members you join together to help The Vamps or just be a sub-group in the community.

You can join up to 3 teams.    To join, go to the team profile and submit a ‘join request’ to the team leader.   You will get a notification if you are accepted and your teams will be listed on your profile.

If you are 16, you can form ONE team  (which counts as 1 of the 3 teams you can belong to).   Just click FORM TEAM on the team page and you will name it, write a team description and location.   You will administer the team and be the one who accepts members and can delete posts from the team wall.

As team leader, you are also the only one who can submit a monthly report on what the team is doing.   Everyone in the team will receive points for the report as well as any bonus points.

To consider teams you join, you can search/find teams by name or by location.   You can browse thru teams and see a description, who the team leader is, the location, how many members and see a list of members and messages on the team wall.


You can see your profile summary at the top left of the Community  page.

You can edit your profile, change info or photo by clicking EDIT PROFILE.   You can  set your profile to private in which cases only members you follow will be able to see your full page or send you messages.

Report Form

You can report on things you do to promote the The Vamps on the monthly report form which goes to the band and managers.   Click on the Report Form prompt on the Community Page.    You will see you receive points and possible bonus points but only for 1 report in any month.